His Promise Remains

we thank You for Your promise
though the journey is far
and trouble deep
though not untouched by sorrow and grief
His Promise remains
everlasting life, eternal hope
joy that never ends, and peace
we thank You for Your promise
a babe in a manger
Mighty Deliverer
a man on the cross
broken, now scarred, marred beyond recognition
raised to life – we praise His name!
our Redeemer
through His blood we are saved
through His passion restored
by His brokenness made whole
there is no other name – Jesus
His promise remains
that which nothing can change
though the gates of hell rage
through sin mars every page … of human history
through war and famine
pestilence and disease
through shakings and tremblings
though every tombstone marks the human race
we know that one day the trump will sound
the dead will rise to life
the sea will give up treasured souls
ashes will be reassembled
we will meet Him in the air – oh glorious day!
His hope remains
our faith is sure
His love never failing
His promise remains
on Christ the solid rock we stand
though the storms come
though winds blow fierce
Your praying church remains
in the posture of prayer
O how my heart burns within me
how I long to see Your face
my longing remains
I will not give up
I will not fear
steadfast and resolute
we will endure
because His promise remains
we thank You for Your promise
in this our hope is secure
though the journey is hard
we are pioneers
through the hours of trial
when despair creeps in like a cloud
though we feel hot breath around us
persecution and pain
we walk through the fire
not burned
His presence remains
heaven holds no smell of death
only the fragrance of life
though wounded, we will rise from the depths
we overcome
by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony
to the praise of His glorious name
Your promise is sure
we are secure
we will endure
we remember His promise
we carry it with us
cross valleys
which rise up at His glory
through mountains
that bow to His name
we praise You and praise You
we say Yes and Amen
His promise remains

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