I Won’t Forget


This poem is dedicated to my father-in-law who recently passed away. We know he is in heaven with Jesus and he is happy there. We hope to carry on his legacy in the Lord. I love you, Papa!

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” -John 11:25-26

I can hear your voice, saying my name
just like it was yesterday
I can hear you say, “Son, I’m proud of you”
and I don’t want to forget
I always want to remember
your love filled my life
your voice spoke healing to my soul
my heart is aching in every corner
I can run, but I cannot escape what I feel
as tears turn to rivers
and my soul cannot find peace
Papa, I miss you, I don’t want to say goodbye
I just want to be with you
and in your embrace I want to hide

as years turn to memories
every moment I remember I will cherish
I won’t forget
I won’t let go, no I won’t let go
of your heart, your hug, your smile
it will always be a part of me
we will carry you with our children
Joseph has your name
Jacob has your spirit
your legacy lives on and will never die

I know now you are shining
like the stars in the heavens
like Abraham’s descendants
you longed for a home, a better place
you lived a life of faith
a life I want to emulate
but I cannot go with you
for my work here is not done
I must carry on… and remember

I remember what you taught me
character, responsibility, decision
I remember three things, I remember everything
to put God first, to make daily time for prayer
to put my family first, for it’s the most important thing
to meditate on God’s word and always walk in peace
to pray until my soul is satisfied in Him

I will remember, I will not forget
and one day we will be together again
in heaven
I’ll watch you burst through the door
and say with a smile, “I’m happy”
I’m happy just to be with you
I’m happy for the times God gave us together
I’m happy that He brought you into my life
one of the greatest blessings for which I could have asked

I will remember, I won’t forget
I won’t forget you
though you sleep, we never really say goodbye
because death is swallowed up in victory
though we feel its sting
Jesus is the resurrection and the life
to live is Christ and to die is gain
and we know we will see you again
until then…

I won’t forget you
I will carry on your legacy
I will fight to see Christ revealed in me
for that is what you would want
now you are a soul set free
no longer chained to the bonds of earth
now you are a seed released
may your life produce many more seeds
may your generations rise up on the foundation you have laid
and expand His kingdom in every place

we release you now to the realms of glory
where one day we will be with you
we will sit in heaven and tell our stories
in the place where no one ever dies
because Jesus is the resurrection and the life
I love you, Papa
I won’t forget
I will always remember you
your work on this earth is finished
may you now dance in heaven and rest in His peace

2 thoughts on “I Won’t Forget

  1. Angie Miranda September 2, 2020 / 5:10 am

    Jon , That Is So Beautiful! What A Touching Poem Filled With Love And Respect!!! Although We Must Part From Our Loved One‘s For A Short Time, We Know Through God’s Promise That We Will Be Together In The Return Of Our Lord Jesus Christ! I’m So Glad That Leslie, And You Had These Year’s Together And Were Able To Share Your Precious Two Son’s Joseph and Jakob With Papa ! I Shall Be Praying For You and Your Family, That Our Lord Comforts You With His Peace And Grace To Heal Your Hearts In Your Hour Of Grief! My Deepest Condolences To Leslie and Her Mom Also 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 With Deep Respect, Angie Miranda ♥️


    • Jon Greig September 3, 2020 / 2:15 am

      Thank you Angie, I appreciate your kind words and we appreciate your prayers. Love you and blessings!


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